Sunday, December 14, 2014

Publishing News

My story, "Flight of the Lonely" just came out over at Acidic Fiction:  

It's about an elderly man with wings who lives in a retirement home. He's cranky and always has been. Always used his wings for selfish reasons. Until now.

I also had an existential poem published in Page & Spine:

And one in Scifaikuest's print edition:

In other news, ARES Magazine #2 should be in mailboxes in January. It contains my story "Shaundra the Watcher," about a teen girl with superpowers. Superpowers that seem sort of lame, at first.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

ARES Magazine Issue #2

The second issue of ARES Magazine comes out soon and I have a story in it! I'm very excited about this. ARES is the biggest publication I've been accepted into as of yet. It pays pro rates but is not qualified by SFWA because it hasn't been around long enough. Plus, SFWA rules bumped up to 6cents a word and ARES is still at 5cents a word. Still, it's a healthy rate and was considered pro at the time I got the acceptance.

Here's a preview. If you click on the 'store' button you can pre-order a copy. ARES has two options: You can buy the print edition with an original board game, or the magazine alone. Later you can get an e-copy also I think. Obviously the board game edition is a little pricey if you're not a gamer but the zine-only is a good value. It's a 11x14 magazine that feels like a trade paperback it's so thick. The first issue was about 90 pages and probably would have been double that in a digest-sized zine.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Giving away two paperback copies of People Eating People.

All you have to do is enter the giveaway at Goodreads. While you're there add the book to your 'to-read' list. If you don't have a membership, you can easily create one with your facebook profile. Open to US and Canada only.

Starts on August 27th.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

People Eating People - A Cannibal Anthology by Dusty Wallace

People Eating People - A Cannibal Anthology

by Dusty Wallace

Giveaway ends September 04, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Monday, August 25, 2014

People Eating People now in Paperback

The paperback edition of People Eating People is now available on CreateSpace for $6.99. It looks good and feels good to hold. Click the image above, or go to this link:

In other news, the Kindle Edition of People Eating People will be on sale
the week of September 4th for only 99cents. That's practically nothing, folks, so mark you calendars for some money-saving cannibal goodness.

Monday, July 7, 2014

People Eating People Update

First: If you've sent me a submission and I haven't responded. QUERY NOW!

As it stands, we're gonna have a nice collection of stories that vary wildly in genre and tone. I'm only waiting for one piece that I solicited to be done.

As far as a launch date, I'm thinking probably mid to late September. I could launch earlier, but I was planning on sending the completed anthology out for review. Some places, like Publisher's Weekly, require you to submit your work one month before launch for them to review. And reviews are what we need to bring attention to the work, whether they be negative or positive. It's a cannibal anthology, expect negative reviews. Don't freak out about them. If you see one on a site, leave a thankful comment. You'd be surprised at how that affects reviewers.

I'm hoping to have a cover reveal in the next couple of weeks. I saw a couple of preliminary sketches that were very good but didn't really fit any of the stories. So the artist decided on a scene from Frank Larnerd's short story and is working on that now. He wanted to do something with steampunk and Frank's story provided that fodder.

A note on diversity: There's not much of it. I got about equal submission from male and females and acceptances went to more males. That's not because I'm partial to male work, it just happened to fall that way. I'm a first time anthologist who's not offering a lot reward for work, so my submission pool was smaller than most. It's hard to represent diversity from such a small pool.

I have no idea about the race or sexual orientation of my writers. If they'd like to tell me, fine. If not, that's fine too. I do know a couple of folks submitted from outside the US and had names that aren't frequently associated with caucasians. But of the 2 or 3 I got I really didn't think the work fit. I wished it had. International flavor would have been nice.

At first, I was leaning towards an ebook only release. Now I'm starting to change my mind. The book won't be a weighty volume and printing through Createspace should allow me to set a price under $10 quite easily. If that's possible, I'd like to do a paperback version. I think the art's gonna turn out great and art helps sell paperbacks more than ebooks (Actually I just made that up but it sounds true.)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

One month left - People Eating People

You've got 30 days to finish your submissions. If you're close to finishing or can get it done shortly after deadline, shoot me an email before June 30th and I'll likely give you an extension.

Now for a few notes.

NO MORE RESTAURANTS, or diners, or live-in chefs or anything having to do with the culinary business. I've got a good restaurant story and don't want any more. Which, happens to be what I'm being sent constantly. Some of them have been pretty darn good, but this isn't a cannibal restaurant anthology. And it would be kind of boring if it turned into that.

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, I know I've said it before but it bears repeating. Remember, your story can't revolve around a mystery if the big reveal is cannibals. Why? Because it won't be a mystery if it's in a cannibal anthology. Also, I'd love to see some stories where the act of cannibalism isn't taboo. Give me a society, an alien race, a fantasy realm, where people eating people is just a way of life. Or maybe it has some cultural significance, or even a practical use. The cannibal doesn't have to be the bad guy, either. It's tempting to make the cannibal a villain, but maybe they're heroes.

I'm looking for something more akin to Soylent Green than Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That's the best way I can put it.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

People Eating People updates and advice

Hello folks. The submissions started off slow but are coming in at a regular pace now. Not overwhelming, thankfully, but enough to keep me busy. So I'd like to offer some thoughts on what's been coming in so far. But first...

Accepted pieces as of May 18th:
Bouillon de Bebe by Michelle Knowlton
Supply and Demand by Robert Hart
*All Consuming by Edward Martin III
*His Great Power by Edward Martin III

Before anyone gets excited, Edward's stories only combine to about 2000 words. He'll be getting a single stake of royalties for the two stories.

The biggest problem with the submissions so far is simply the writing. The writing must be tight. Even the most flourishing prose isn't needlessly wordy. And proofread! I'm not a big stickler on this. But if it looks like you haven't taken the job seriously then it's hard for me to take the story seriously.

The twist ending: Don't use it here. At least if it includes cannibalism as the revelation. People who buy a Cannibal anthology are not going to be surprised by the cannibal twist ending.

Think outside the box. Maybe give me a world in which cannibalism isn't taboo. Maybe it's the norm. Give me aliens who eat each other to reproduce. Baby elves that eat their parents as infants. Give me urbanites who eat vegan rednecks. Surprise me.

Format is important. If you don't use something approximating Shunn format then I'll assume you're not taking this seriously.

Cover letters: What the hell is up with the huge cover letters? Some editors will simply reject you outright for crazy cover letters. Give me three previous writing credits and that's it. A short bio is okay. I know a lot of places ask for that so it doesn't bother me. But I've gotten cover letters that list 30+ publication credits. One guy actually wanted me to look up someone reading his work on YouTube. Didn't even provide a link, just told me to search for it. That's not happening.

Also, list your best credits, whatever they may be. If you don't think you've got credits an editor would recognize, then don't list any. Not listing credits is perfectly fine.