Saturday, January 25, 2014

Recent Successes

Today I got an acceptance from "Vignettes at the End of the World" an upcoming anthology by Apokrupha. It's about a 250 word story that really is better described as a vignette. I'd give you a synopsis but it would probably be longer than the story. Technically, it's a pro-rate sale. But I only made 20 bucks so I can't go joining Codex or SFWA yet. If you're interested in this book keep an eye on

Just after Christmas I got an acceptance from Mad Scientist Journals. Now this is a weird one. They usually publish stories written as diary entries from mad scientists, which is pretty darn cool I think. The story I submitted is actually written as a pamphlet for the Milky Way Zoo (which is also the title).  There's no characters, dialogue, or exposition, but once you get to the end of this one page pamphlet you get an idea of what's befallen our pale blue dot. I've been fooling around with experimental stuff and this is the first piece that's found success. This piece will appear at

The Big Adios announced that they are closing their site and reopening as a quarterly zine after February. I'll have one of the final pieces to appear in the original format. My story, "Grave Frontier" is about a frontier merchant who's conflicted over his sexuality. When a pioneering stranger comes to town that internal conflict becomes external and bullets fly. You can find that story on February 11th at

I also had a poem accepted this month called DNR that will appear on at some point. I haven't got a date yet. This is my second poem for that market. The first can be found HERE. I should note that the two poems are completely different. So if you don't enjoy one it doesn't mean you won't like the other.

Other anthologies on the horizon that I'll be appearing in include Altered America and Existence on Mars. Plus, in may I'll have a novelette in KZine. And a poem in next month's edition of Song of Eretz E-zine.

Monday, January 13, 2014

A Worthy Kickstarter

Michael Knost is a good ol' West Virginia boy (not far from me in Southwest Va) who also happens to be an accomplished writer. He's working on kickstarting Weird West anthology that will feature one of my favorite authors, Laird Barron, as well as Joe Lansdale. $10 gets you an ebook copy. Consider donating.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Long Title - Great Story

It's awards season and this story from Ken Schneyer deserves consideration. It's got my vote for any award it's eligible for, but my vote means nothing. It's from Clockwork Phoenix 4 and the editor has released it for free so that people with real votes can read it. What does that mean for you? Terrific free fiction. It's experimental and original and mind-blowing.


Selected Program Notes from the Retrospective Exhibition of Theresa Rosenberg Latimer

My favorite market resources.

I'll be working on blog roll in which both of these will be included, but for now I thought I'd just post them here.

First is "My Little Corner" at . Sandra lists new markets and reopened markets before I see them anywhere else. She does her homework on them too and often puts them in perspective. And sometimes she posts writers-beware warnings when I market is up to something shady.

I also like that she doesn't stick to one genre. She focuses on crime, but you'll find plenty of horror, sci-fi, humor, and even romance markets posted. And she updates often.

The other one I recommend is The Horror Tree at Obviously you're going to find horror markets there but you'll also see sci-fi and dark fantasy posts. Anything that horror can be threaded into really. They also offer some encouraging series to motivate the young writer. The best part of their system is the calendar where you can see deadlines for upcoming periodicals and anthologies.

As this site grows I'll have a list of more resources and writer's blogs in the sidebar. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Welcome, enjoy an original story.

I've had a movie blog for a long time, but lately my creative life has been all about fiction and poetry. So it's time to start a blog that reflects that. You'll find updates about my writing and occasional rants here.

And since this is a first post lets start off with an original story. It's more of a vignette really and that's why it's unlikely to have sold anywhere. It's not character driven and there's no exposition. So I guess you could call it experimental flash fiction. I just hope it's entertaining. Enjoy.

Dystopia 911
by Dusty Wallace

“Thank you for dialing city services. Please state your reason for calling.“ 

“Operator, I’m stuck in the theater and it’s on fire!”

“Did you ask, ‘How far is the theater?’ If so, press one now. If not, press two.”

She presses two.

“Thank you for dialing city services. Please state your reason for calling.“

“I’m at the movie theater on Walnut. It’s on fire! Please send help!”

“Are you looking for help with showtimes for “It’s On Fire”? If so, press one. If not, press two.”

She presses two.

“Thank you for dialing city services. Please state your reason for calling.“

“Swanville Theater Seven at 2320 Walnut Avenue is on fire. It’s spreading quickly.”

“We’re sorry. We didn’t not understand the statement. Please speak slowly and clearly.”

“Send a fire truck to 2320 Walnut Avenue or we’ll all die.”

“Transferring. Please hold.”

Soft jazz plays in the background.

“Diecast Towing. Can I help you?”

“I’m in the theater on Walnut and it’s on fire!”

“Why didn’t you call city services?”

“I did. They transferred me to you.”

“Oh, hang up and call them back.”

She hangs up, dials city services.

“Thank you for dialing city services. Please state your reason for calling.“

“I need a fire truck not a tow truck.”

“If your fire truck is experiencing mechanical difficulties, please press one. If not, press two.”

She presses two.

“Thank you for dialing city services. Please state your reason for calling.“

“My tow truck is on fire.”

“We’re sorry to hear that. Where are you located?”

“2320 Walnut Avenue.”

“Are you in need of medical assistance.”


“Please repeat your answer without shouting.”

“Yes, I’m in need of medical assistance.”

“Emergency services will be arriving shortly. Press two if you need anything else.”


“Press two if you need anything else.”


“Prank calls are punishable by up to five-hundred dollars in fines or six months in jail.”


“Press two if you need anything else.”

She presses two.

“Thank you for dialing city services. Please state your reason for calling.“

“Thssut uhh aggghh.”

“Did you say, ‘That is all.’? If so, press two.”

She presses two.