Saturday, January 25, 2014

Recent Successes

Today I got an acceptance from "Vignettes at the End of the World" an upcoming anthology by Apokrupha. It's about a 250 word story that really is better described as a vignette. I'd give you a synopsis but it would probably be longer than the story. Technically, it's a pro-rate sale. But I only made 20 bucks so I can't go joining Codex or SFWA yet. If you're interested in this book keep an eye on

Just after Christmas I got an acceptance from Mad Scientist Journals. Now this is a weird one. They usually publish stories written as diary entries from mad scientists, which is pretty darn cool I think. The story I submitted is actually written as a pamphlet for the Milky Way Zoo (which is also the title).  There's no characters, dialogue, or exposition, but once you get to the end of this one page pamphlet you get an idea of what's befallen our pale blue dot. I've been fooling around with experimental stuff and this is the first piece that's found success. This piece will appear at

The Big Adios announced that they are closing their site and reopening as a quarterly zine after February. I'll have one of the final pieces to appear in the original format. My story, "Grave Frontier" is about a frontier merchant who's conflicted over his sexuality. When a pioneering stranger comes to town that internal conflict becomes external and bullets fly. You can find that story on February 11th at

I also had a poem accepted this month called DNR that will appear on at some point. I haven't got a date yet. This is my second poem for that market. The first can be found HERE. I should note that the two poems are completely different. So if you don't enjoy one it doesn't mean you won't like the other.

Other anthologies on the horizon that I'll be appearing in include Altered America and Existence on Mars. Plus, in may I'll have a novelette in KZine. And a poem in next month's edition of Song of Eretz E-zine.

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